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Rebecca L. Brown (25) is a British writer currently based in Cardiff, South Wales where she lives with her partner and assorted menagerie. She has recently returned to writing medium-length, short and flash fiction pieces (including micro-fiction), after a short break which felt considerably longer than it was. Rebecca specialises in horror, SF, humour, surreal and experimental fiction, although her writing often wanders off into other genres and gets horribly lost. More updates and examples of Rebecca’s work can be found on her Twitter page @rlbrownwriter

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


There probably used to be something here.
It probably heard me coming.
It was probably life-changing,
Revolutionary, counter-revolutionary, evolutionary,
And other -utionary things
But that probably doesn’t make any difference now.
More Upcoming Publications

Rebecca's poetry will be appearing in Clutching at Straws magazine, an online magazine for 'Poetry of Unusually High Unusualness'.

Her short story "There Used To Be Trees" will be appearing in Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine

Potential Delays in Updating

Due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in technical difficulties, there may be some delay in updates to this site over the coming few days. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Appearance in Disingenuous Twaddle

Rebecca's poem 'Shed Shadow' will be appearing in Disingenuous Twaddle, a 'visual and linguistic experiment'.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Upcoming Anthology Appearance

Rebecca's flash fiction piece 'Driving' will be appearing in the upcoming Pill Hill Press anthology Daily Flash: 365 Days of Flash Fiction.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Another Upcoming Appearance in Trapeze Magazine

Trapeze Magazine has selected another of Rebecca's microfiction pieces, Forgetting, to be published on August 21st.


He had a passion for bonsai; little trees lined the shelves of his greenhouse, perfect miniatures painstakingly shaped. Only an expert would know the effort which went into those gnarled little trunks, the delicate twists of the branches. Sometimes, he wished he could bonsai people, shaping his family into perfect miniatures of themselves. Live would be so much simpler.

He paused, thought for a moment, then picked up the clippers and hid them in his apron pocket. His wife would be home soon...
To The Neighbour's Cat to Appear in Hazard Cat

The mixed media piece To The Neighbour's Cat (already available here at Bewildering Circumstances- see below) will be appearing in Hazard Cat at some time in the near future.

Rebecca's own cat, Muta, is especially excited to hear this as he is a Hazard Cat himself.

On-screen, he is a five-star level ninety-three multi-lord- eighteen kingdoms!
Never forget the eighteen kingdoms!-
King of all he surveys.

Climbing through valleys and exploring caves, he adventures daily
(is the laundry in the dryer?)
He has the biggest ever sword.

They admire his royal attire, his princely physique, aquiline roman nose
(are you ever going to wash that bath robe? Or take it off?)

The layout of his latest tower, adding every hour to our resources
(what about the groceries? haven't you moved at all today you lazy lump?)

Crushing his mighty foes beneath his feet
(where did these socks come from, they smell disgusting!)

Presiding over all in his mighty throne room
(this bathroom is revolting, what the hell is that green stuff?)

Unstoppable and all-powerful
(I'm tripping the fuses...)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Eskimo Pie Appearance

Three of Rebecca's modern haiku will be appearing at Eskimo Pie during August.

The site is definitely worth a look, even a quick browse proves there's some fantastic work published there! (Not that we're biased...)

He wishes he was somewhere else; leaning on the kitchen countertop, he watches the party from behind dark-tinted lenses. Revelry is a spectator sport.

He doesn't do small talk. Or long, drawn-out speeches. Mostly, he doesn't talk at all. Maybe the silence makes him interesting. He shrugs to himself.

Someone has dropped a cigarette butt in his drink. Probably the short bleach-blonde with the neon pink shoes. He tips it away, pours another glass of something smooth. Across the room, a woman in an over-stretched, sequin dress is grinding her ass against a man in a novelty sombrero. He sips his drink.

Man, he wishes he was somewhere else...
Two More Appearances

We are pleased to announce that two of Rebecca's fiction works are now available to read online.

The first, a flash fiction piece called Three Inches, has been published by the online weird stories magazine

The second, Bad News, is a fiction piece using only six sentences. It is currently exclusively available through the 6S Social Network site at
Rebecca's 6S blog.

We hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Secret Language of Flowers

Here are some flowers.
If they could talk,
They would be telling you
That they are orange.
But they can't.


Some things happen
In full colour;
Inescapably vivid moments
When the blood
Runs down the walls
And the runners
Leave footprints
On the tiles...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Announcing Two Up-Coming Appearances!

We are pleased to announce that Rebecca's work will be appearing in two up-coming publications:

Towards the beginning of August, one of Rebecca's micro-fiction pieces will be appearing in
Trapeze Magazine, a new Twitter-based web-zine. Follow them on Twitter @trapezemag or visit their website to read extra-short fiction pieces by Rebecca and a selection of great authors.

Also, look out for one of Rebecca's poems this Winter in issue 53 of the wonderfully-named
Obsessed With Pipework poetry magazine.

Monday, 21 June 2010


There isn't anyone as beautiful as you,
Not in all the whole world.

I have watched patiently as you gently unfolded
Undaunted by rainy days;
Reaching up into the freshness of the sky
Until you could almost touch the sun.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Welcome to the blog of Writer / Artist Rebecca L. Brown.
You can look forward to regular updates about Rebecca's upcoming publications, random (and sometimes puzzling) thoughts and exclusive previews you won't find anywhere else.
You can follow Rebecca through twitter @rlbrownwriter to read micro-fiction and micro-poetry. Please e-mail all queries or enquiries to rebeccalbrown@hotmail.co.uk. Rebecca will respond as quickly as possible but please be patient.
Rebecca hopes you'll enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys writing it. She also hopes the giant starfish which hides under her bed will find somewhere else to live soon...